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7th July 2017

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Middle Ear Course 2017
Guy Lindon-Jones

We are pleased to announce the Middle Ear Course in the UK for September 2017.  Prof James W Hall III is the main speaker and will be  joined on the first day by Mr T J Rockley, FRCS who speaks on middle ear anatomy and pathologies.  This year we are adding an extra day to discuss diagnostic audiology.  Prof Hall, author of the “Audiologist’s Desk Reference”, will be discussing topics such as objective infant hearing assessment and auditory processing disorders.

In our 26th year we felt it appropriate to do something a little different.

If you would like to attend this course please register your interest by emailing, as places are strictly limited to 30 delegates for each of these “hands on” courses with one of the world’s premier audiologists.

The courses are priced at £800 (inc VAT) for the three days residential, £600 (inc VAT) for three days non-residential,  £570 (inc VAT) for the two day middle ear course – residential,  £400 (inc VAT) for the two day middle ear course – non-residential and £200 (inc VAT) for the diagnostic audiology day – non-residential.  The course has been awarded 6 CPD points per day.  For further information please call 01384 890600.

Guymark would like to thank Grason-Stadler Inc for their invaluable assistance with this course.

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Industry news and information From Martin Lindon-Jones

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