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Repair Services

Our manufacturer trained engineers offer repairs on all makes and models of equipment. We maintain strong relationships with equipment suppliers which keeps us up to date with the latest technology.

We perform small repairs on site, such as replacing earphone cushions or leads etc. Faults that need a more in depth analysis would need to be carried out at our laboratory.

Once at our premises an engineer will be assigned to your equipment, they will produce a Work Authorisation Report which will detail the fault found and any cost of repair. If you wish to go ahead with the repair then you will be asked to sign and return a copy of the form (along with any purchase order details required by your organisation).

Once the instrument is repaired it will be returned to you with a report and carries a 90 day repair guarantee. We will add a history of the repair to our database so if we see your instrument again we know it’s service history.

To arrange repair of your instrument please click here.

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