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27th September 2017

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AMTAS – a new addition to the GSI range
Martin Lindon-Jones

AMTAS  “By Audiologists – For Audiologists”

Grason-Stadler is excited to introduce GSI AMTAS™, or Automated Method for Testing Auditory Sensitivity. This is a patient-directed evaluation tool that uses patented test methods and accuracy algorithms to perform diagnostic or screening audiometry. AMTAS software is run through a GSI AudioStar Pro™ or GSI Pello™ that is connected to a touch screen computer.  The newest addition AMTAS Flex is run through a tablet computer.

AMTAS was created as a resource for audiologists to use to help manage their busy schedules and promote an efficient office environment. Most importantly, AMTAS frees the audiologist from time consuming and routine testing to spend more time focused on patient care.

Please call our office or ask your local area sales manger for details or a demonstration.

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Industry news and information From Martin Lindon-Jones

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