Audible Contrast Threshold (ACT™)

Evaluate a patients auditory perception in challenging acoustic environments

ACT™ is a supplemental test to the audiogram and assesses the quality of hearing in noisy situations. A common reason for patients to visit a hearing professionals is their ability to hear well in noise. It utilises a custom stimulus making it a personalised experience for each individual. The test is language and dialect independent, so suitable for all patients. This additional test is fast and easy to perform, on average taking between 2-3 minutes to complete. Contact us today if you are interested in equipment with ACT™ capabilities or wish to upgrade your existing device to provide your patients with the latest speech-in-noise testing.

MedRx Training Videos

Quotation or Upgrade

  • Fast and Easy

    On average the ACT™ test only takes two minutes and no special training is required. If you can perform an audiogram then you can perform an ACT™ test.

  • Suited to all patients

    Regardless of your patient's native language or dialect, the ACT™ test is a language-neutral enabling you to achieve optimal results.

  • Personal Fitting

    The results of ACT™ testing are perfect for tailoring advanced adaptive features of any hearing aid to individual patients needs.

Compatible Devices

*ACT™ is only available on GSI AudioStar Pro V2.0 and MedRx Studio capable equipment.

  • GSI AudioStar Pro


    • True 2 Channel Testing
    • Puretone, Speech, QuickSin
    • High Resolution Frequency
    • Choice of Transducers

  • MedRxAVANT A2D+


    • Two Channel Testing
    • Air, Bone, Speech and Masking
    • PC-based and Portable
    • Noah Compatible

  • MedRx ARC

    Audiometer & REM/
    LSM System

    • Two Channel Testing
    • Binaural REM
    • Live Speech Mapping
    • PC-based and Portable

  • MedRx AWRC

    Audiomter & Wireless REM/LSM System
    • Air, Bone, Speech & Masking
    • 20,000 Hz HF Testing
    • Wireless, Binaural Live Speech Mapping and REM