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Calibration Services

Guymark’s audiological calibration service is a total equipment check.

Our service includes an initial functional test to the maker’s specification, followed by medical electrical safety testing and labelling of all attached transducers to ensure traceability and validity of calibration. We carry out performance checks which include linearity and total harmonic distortion. We valet every part of your instrument including leads, cables, connectors, headbands, control knobs and buttons. Our service engineers can also give advice and assist with any concerns you may have with the performance of your equipment. All of these services are included in the price – you only pay extra if spare parts are required.

We will send you a reminder a month before calibration is due – and can provide paperless documentation if required. We keep a database on the history of your product – to make sure our service engineers know your equipment inside out.

  • Calibration in-house

    STEP 1: Send your well wrapped instrument to us

    • Email service@guymark.com or call 01384 890606 for calibration charges.
    • Complete our service request form. (email or post with your instrument).
    • Pack your instrument along with all relevant transducers and accessories.
    • Download and print off our box label.
    • Post your instrument using your current despatch provider.
    • Alternatively email service@guymark.com or call 01384 890606 to arrange collection (additional charges apply).

    STEP 2: We will calibrate your instrument

    • All received instruments are booked onto our service database.
    • An acknowledgement email will be sent to inform you of your instruments safe arrival and all items received.
    • If you instrument does not arrive safely we will inform you immediately.
    • All calibrations will be carried out to the relevant parts of BS EN ISO389, BS EN 60645 and manufacturer's service literature.
    • UKAS calibrations will be carried out on all suitable and relevant instruments.
    • A purchase order (account holders only) or other payment method will be required.

    STEP 3: We will post your instrument back to you

    • You will be notified of your instruments date of despatch.
    • We will use FedEx to safely despatch your instrument, tracking information can be provided if required.
    • Along with your received instrument you will find all relevant calibration certificates.
    • Sign the despatch note and return in the pre-paid envelope.
    • We will contact you with a calibration reminder one month before expiry date to arrange for the instruments next annual calibration.
  • Calibration on-site

    STEP 1: Arrange your on-site calibration visit

    • Email your equipment list (inventory) to service@guymark.com or call 01384 890606 to discuss our calibration charges.
    • Alternatively complete our equipment list and email to service@guymark.com.
    • Include in your correspondence the dates your annual calibration is due.
    • We will email you a quotation letter and quotation with a list of contract options and a number of optional dates for our visit.
    • Upon acceptance of our quotation you will then receive an on-site confirmation letter to sign and return.
    • A purchase order (account holders only) or other payment method will be required at this stage.

    STEP 2: We will calibrate your instruments on-site

    • On the confirmed on-site visit date our engineers will report to the relevant contact person, upon arrival.
    • If required we will attend any induction process and any permit to work or Health & Safety procedure that your hospital requires.
    • All calibrations will be carried out to the relevant parts of BS EN ISO389, BS EN 60645 and manufacturer's service literature.
    • UKAS calibrations will be carried out on all suitable and relevant instruments.

    STEP 3: We will post your completed reports

    • All calibration certificates and relevant reports will be processed and either posted or emailed to you.
    • We will invoice the relevant department only for the work we have physically completed. This invoice will be posted or emailed dependent on your request.
    • You will receive acknowledgement of next years visit dates pencilled into our diary awaiting your confirmation.

UKAS Calibrations

At Guymark we have attained UKAS accreditation for the calibration of audiometers, so you know you can rely on us to calibrate your equipment to the highest standard.

We ensure that all our test and measurement equipment complies with recognised industry standards and the results we achieve are traceable, through certification provided by the National Physical Laboratory, to national and international standards. Monthly secondary referencing ensures continuing confidence of measurements.

Guymark is a UKAS Accredited Calibration Laboratory – No. 4006.

For further information email our technical manager adrian@guymark.com or call 01384 890601.

Calibration Contracts

We offer three and five year calibration contracts either at your premises or for items returned to our laboratory. You can have a contract for a single item or a whole department.

A contract means you get a fixed price for the three or five years – with a quantity discount based on the number of instruments being calibrated. We will remind you when your calibrations are due and offer ‘guaranteed service dates’ – where we allocate your service time for the term of your contract.

Once your calibrations have been completed you will receive copies of the calibration certificates and service reports. Our reports will also detail any recommendations for repair or replacement of the equipment as necessary.

Should you need any replacement equipment during the term of your contract we offer a 3% discount on new equipment purchased from us if you have three year contract or 5% if you have a five year contract – making Guymark even better value for money!

For further information email service@guymark.com or call 01384 890606.