Carl Zeiss OPMI® pico

Product Code: OPMI

The Carl Zeiss OPMI® pico series microscope is small, compact, convenient and full devoloped. Excellently suited for the many different tasks performed by an ENT diagnostic microscope. Carl Zeiss constantly improved what was already excellent in recent ENT diagnostic microscopes and brought it to perfection with the OPMI® pico: mobility, handling and optics. Thanks to its compact design, the OPMI pico is particularly suitable for being attached to ENT treatment devices. In this case, the Pico is powered by an Otopront LED or Super Bright LED light source, which is attached to the unit, thus reducing the pico's weight and optimizing the lighting conditions.

Key Features:

  • Precise positioning and easy handling
  • T-handgrip for reliable, exact setting of the position required for examination of the patient
  • Outstanding focusing convenience by moving the microscope
  • Fine focusing with the focusing objective (accessory)
  • Ergonomic operability especially when attached to ENT Units
  • Lighting with Otopront LED warm white (CRI> 95 %) or Otopront Super Bright LED, mounted on the treatment unit