ENT Treatment Unit

Otopront SMART

Product Code: 220.000 E

Compact ENT treatment unit

Reinterpretation of an icon
The idea for the SMART arose from the groundbreaking form of the first ENT treatment unit, the Otopront "Säule" (pillar). This all functional elements in one place unifying design was reinterpreted in respect of today's requirements as well as technical developments. The result is a highly flexible, yet fully equipped, slim-designed and elegant treatment unit.

In accordance with today's requirement for flexibility
With its two stable, appropriately sized castors the SMART can be rolled smoothly to different locations. Optional equipment is also provided with castors, such as a microscope with a stand or the accompanying instrument tables and cabinets. The complete unit is therefore flexible for mobile use in outpatient surgery, at the bedside or in several treatment rooms.

Full functionality despite its small dimensions
Thanks to a space-saving arrangement of all components the SMART can be fully equipped: vibration-free high performance surgical suction unit for 24-hour use, hot water with rinsing, compressed air unit, up to 3 automatically switching LED light sources, integration of RF or endoscopy systems and microscopes.

Sophisticated ergonomics and design
All elements can be easily operated both sitting and standing, because of the forwardly inclined top and its circular arrangement around the body. The perfect "assistant" for standing treatment.

Despite its compact size all well-established Otopront standards are part of the SMART unit - such as to be pulled out stainless steel instrument trays with integrated tissue dispenser. Which means that for each patient a fresh instrument space is available within seconds. Instrument drawers with variable compartments.

Lateral (left/right) height-adjustable mounted swivel desks are used to store other instruments or diagnostic equipment as needed, such as the compact PES Pilot HDpro videoendoscopy system.

3 LED and/or halogen light sources, 2 preheating quivers and disinfection quiver, quiver for flexible optics and endoscope intermediate support.

An optional compressed air system including spray bottles with shatter protection and easy snap connection provides maximum working safety and comfort.

Hygiene and maintenance

Disinfection quiver
with Otopront double quiver system, quiver for flexible optics. endoscope intermediate support

Sophisticated hygiene as Otopront standard
Autoclavability of all handpieces, application parts (spray bottles, cannulas, adapters, etc.), removable covers and hoses. Quick fasteners on all hoses ensure easy cleaning and assembly.

Easy accessibility
for cleaning and maintenance.

User-friendly, quick and easy exchange
of secretions glass containers, disinfectant solutions and replacement of filters. Disposable suction bottles such as ABBOT, BAXTER, SERRES etc. with volumes of 1 to 5 liters are compatible with the SMART unit.

Easy-to-use water filter unit
for containment of 99.999% of pseudomonas and legionella.

With Otopront double quiver disinfection system
Provides recontamination protection of the optics and durability for full virucidal disinfectants.

Disposable canulas
for spray blowers.

Key Features:

  • Various types of pumps selectable (dry running or piston pump)
  • Suction hose rinsing unit
  • Automatic suction bottle emptying
  • 38°C warm water rinsing device with autoclavable water filter unit
  • Mirror reheating unit
  • Instrument tray in the upper part, 2-stage, with plexiglass cover
  • Instrument drawer
  • Pullout panel with integrated paper roll
  • Suction unit with non-vibrating, smooth-running vacuum pump, 40 l /min, max. vacuum 93%
  • Storage drawer with double pull-out
  • Open compartment with electric socket for additional equipment
  • Manufacturer

  • Compliance

    In accordance with directive 93/42/EWG

  • Dimensions

    • W+D+H: 488 mm x 510 mm x 985 mm
    • Weight: 65-75 kg

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