Screening Audiometer

Maico MA 25

Product Code: MA 25

The Maico MA 25 Screening Audiometer is very lightweight and only weighs 980g. When it is placed in the optional carrying case it is one of the smallest and lightest portables in its range.

As it is so portable the MA 25 has been engineered to be tough and reliable. The frequency and intensity knobs make it easy and comfortable to use.

The MA 25 offers a full range of test frequencies from 125 Hz to 8000 Hz, pure tone and warble tone test signals (pulsed and continuous), level steps of 5 dB and 1 dB, hearing level range of -10 dBHL to 100 dBHL. The instrument is powered by three AA batteries, which typically give 100 hours use. The unit can also be powered by an optional mains power adaptor.

The MA 25e has the extended function of automatic testing with the Hughson-Westlake function. The talk forward function is particularly useful if the unit is used in a sound booth.

The unit is supplied with an audiogram pad, user manual and DD45 headset assembly.

Optional accessories are Hughson-Westlake function (MA 25e), patient response switch, mains power adaptor, carrying case, TDH 39 headset or DD65 noise excluding headset.

Key Features:

  • Air Conduction with 11 frequencies.
  • Hearing level range -10 dBHL to 100 dBHL (mid frequencies).
  • Uses 3 standard AA batteries or approved external power supply.
  • Pure, pulse, warble tones.
  • MA 25e version extends functionality to perform Hughson-Westlake.
  • Manufacturer

  • Compliance

    • • IEC 60 601-1
    • • IEC 60 645-1, Type 4

  • Dimensions

    • W+D+H: 225 mm x 180 mm x 55 mm
    • Weight: 0.98 kg

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