Evoked Response System

GSI Audera Pro™

Product Code: AUDERA

The GSI Audera Pro is the next generation of the highly acclaimed clinical auditory evoked potential system, the GSI Audera. The Audera Pro offers a comprehensive battery of tests types, covering evoked potentials and OAEs. The Audera Pro comes with all of the great features of its predecessor but now offers a number of significant updates to support the needs of the modern audiology practice. The Audera Pro generates quick and efficient quality data, providing simple system operation, and utilises convenient database management. Reporting is clear and concise, allowing test results to be easily organised, combined, and interpreted.

Key Features:

Test Options:

  • Evoked Potentials – ABR, EcochG, MLR, ALR, P300/MMN NEW, eABR, oVEMP, cVEMP
  • ASSR - Binaural testing NEW, 4 Frequency Simultaneous Testing
  • OAE – DPOAE, NEW TEOAE, Spontaneous OAE
  • Test Stimuli – CE-Chirp, CE-Chirp Octave Bands, Speech Stimuli NEW

Hardware Updates:

  • Smaller footprint NEW
  • Integrated pre-amplifier NEW
  • 3 setup options including wall mount NEW
  • Lightweight patient cables NEW
  • Utilises the GSI Corti probe and tips NEW

Waveform Analysis:

  • EcochG-Area Under the Curve Analysis NEW
  • Apply digital filters NEW
  • Split alternating waveform into rarefaction and condensation components NEW
  • Cross correlation of waveforms NEW
  • Automatic SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) and Residual Noise calculation NEW
  • Manufacturer

  • Compliance

    • • UL 60601-1 American Standards for Medical Electrical Equipment
    • • IEC 60601-1, EN 60601-1 International Standards for Medical Electrical Equipment
    • • CSA C22.2 # 601-1-M90
    • • Medical Device Directive (MDD) to comply with 93/42/EEC

  • Dimensions

    • W+D+H: 9.9 cm x 19 cm x 4.1 cm
    • Weight: 1 lb (454 g)

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