VNG Modular System

Inventis Nystalyze

Product Code: Nystalyze

Nystalyze is a powerful and scalable system designed for visualising and analysing nystagmus, making it an invaluable tool for treating patients with dizziness and vertigo. With three different available modules, it offers the flexibility to configure the system according to the unique requirements of each clinic. Nystalyze is the only available system on the market with a wireless camera that grants an unparalleled user experience in regard to patient mobility, freedom of movements and flexibility of use.

Key Features:

  • Custom protocols
  • Unique hardware - scalable system
  • Stable Wi-Fi technology
  • Suitable for all age of patients
  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Extremely precise eye tracking system
  • Automatic calibration at the start of testing
  • Integrates with the SYNAPSYS MED4 Chair
  • VideoScope module available
  • Wired cameras available 
  • Manufacturer

  • Compliance


  • Dimensions

    • W+D+H:
    • Weight: 

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