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AHead Simulations CARL

Product Code: ASCARL

The range of CARL heads are advanced universal manikins for a wide variety of tasks within hearing healthcare including training, research, and product demonstrations. Manufactured directly from patient scans for the most accurate anatomy and simulation of patient hearing loss available today. Four CARL variations are available for numerous exercises.

Audio CARL

Audio CARL is a manikin designed to simulate a hearing loss patient. Audio CARL users will be able to practice with real audiometers to 'test' CARLs hearing.  Microphones mounted at CARL’s eardrum will also be enabled for in-canal sound recordings and visualization of sound delivered to CARL’s eardrum. 

Audio CARL also has all the same great functionality and features as the Base CARL.

Camera CARL

With Camera CARL, users can receive an inside-view to CARL's ear canal. 

The camera system within a Camera CARL will be pre-calibrated from our warehouse. Pre-calibration includes adjusting the camera for proper focal depth, ensuring precise clarity of the durable ear canal of CARL ears, and properly verifying ear canal positioning within the camera's field of view.

The Camera CARL still includes all the functionality and features of the Base CARL.


Base CARL is a low-cost option to simulate a patient. With Base CARL, users will have a partner to use hearing aids on a simulated patient with CARL's signature realistic and durable ears.

CARL ears are swappable within the head (no hardware required) so all adult anatomies can be added on to Base CARL.

CARL is made of a lightweight and durable plastic, and is VESA mount compliant for mounting on an articulating stand.


Baby-CARL includes everything packaged with Base CARL, but with a pediatric-sized anatomy. The same acoustically realistic ears (but softer) are included with Baby-CARL, along with transparent durable ears for earmold impressions and more.

The ears developed directly from a 6 month old patient scan, ears utilize softer material than Adult CARL to better simulate the pliability of pediatric ears, and child-head model to simulate the complexities of pediatric care. Secondary features include a mounting bracket on the bottom of the head, and a lightweight and durable construction.

Product Codes:

  • Audio CARL   | 1001432
  • Baby CARL   | 1001429
  • Base CARL     | 1001430
  • Camera CARL | 1001431
  • Manufacturer



  • Dimensions

    • W+D+H: 240 x 230 x 300mm (Audio, Base, Camera), 128 x 158 x 250mm (Baby)
    • Weight:  1.59kg (Baby), 2.72kg (Base), 3.40kg (Camera), 4.08kg (Audio)

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