Visual Reward Apparatus

Guymark Vision VRA System

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The new generation Guymark VRA system has been redesigned to achieve better results and a more user friendly approach to Visual Reinforcement Audiometry. The system wirelessly communicates to reduce setup up time and installation costs, it features a wireless keypad controller which operates up to 10 metres away. The system menu has been updated to allow quick setup by the tester and give additional functions for easily tailored playlists. Included in the system memory is 20 classic videos/images and 20 new video/images. High Contrast images have also been added to enable effective testing on a wider range of patients. The addition of a repeat function has been implemented to achieve improved results. Importing videos and images is now much simpler within the menu, large videos are automatically trimmed down to 30 seconds. Sounds can be quickly enabled or disabled from the menu to aid testing. A help page is featured within the menu to assist with functionality and system setup up. A settings page can also be accessed to help with initial system up and allows the tester to customise keys to aid usability. The system is available with One, Two or Three screens and comes with a 24 month warranty.

Key Features:

  • Wireless Operation and Controller
  • 30 Animations Videos or Images
  • 10 High Contrast Images
  • Custom Playlists
  • Easy Repeat Function
  • Simple to Import Files
  • Auto trim Large Videos
  • Selectable Reinforcement Sound

Available Options:

  • Guymark Vision VRA system - One Screen | VRA-V2-1
  • Guymark Vision VRA system - Two Screens | VRA-V2-2
  • Guymark Vision VRA system - Three Screens | VRA-V2-3
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  • Dimensions

    • Screen Size: 20inch (Size may differ)
    • Unit Size: 250x118x26mm